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NYC Meetups (status report)

Rick Richardson
There are now not one, but three meetup groups for Rust in NYC (hurray communication!  ... ahem)  

In addition to the meetup/hackfest that Steve K occasionally runs in Brooklyn, there are now two groups on 

I would like to get this pared down to 1 meetup group that has both Brooklyn and Manhattan meetups (I can't often get to Brooklyn) 

That said: 

It appears that there is a meetup scheduled for Tuesday Jan 27th! 

I am also trying to arrange a Rust BoF/Intro session at Applicative Conference (  Applicative is the first conference of its kind by the ACM. It is aimed towards practitioners and app devs instead of academics (But academics are probably welcome as well. I'll check ;) ) 

But please, if you're in or around NYC, or know someone who is, join one of the meetups above, or both, and we'll figure out how to merge them.  

Thanks, and happy hacking!

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