Help for a RUST Release Party in Bangladesh

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Help for a RUST Release Party in Bangladesh

Mohi Us Sunnat
Hey all,

I am a Mozillian from Bangladesh and a new contributor of Rust. I am learning RUST for last 1 week and already I have fallen in love. :)

I want to organize a RUST release party (or something like this) in Bangladesh. I need a good plan to success this release party. In this event, We will invite some developers and Mozillians. We will take an intro session and show some good demos of this language. We can show them the future of this language and many more.
Besides, I want to find out some awesome developers who will continue, learn and teach others.

Now my request to all that please help me to make a good plan. I need a demo plan of this event and the resources which will be used in the event. If this event will success, I can organize more events for RUST.

Last but not least, I just need your help me to organize this event and I promise, it will be an awesome and successful event. :)

Best Regards,

S. M. Mohi-Us Sunnat
ReMo, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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